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1996 OBD-2/MIL codes

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 12:06 PM

the following is a compete codes list for the 1996 240sx ka24de. I'm sure these apply to 94.5-98 (possibly all 240's), but I havent checked on that yet. There are some turbo codes in this list, so these may be the JDM codes also. Again I will check these things out and get back to you. Those of you w/ sr20det's let me know if the turbo codes at the bottom match up w/ any list you have. I'll get into how to pull these codes in the privacy of you own home later for those that dont already know.

source: Mitchell on Demand

OBD-II/MIL-Item affected

P0000/0505-No fault detected-System ok
P0100/0102-Mass air flow sensor unit
P0105/0803-Absolute pressure sensor
P0110/0401-Intake air temperture sensor circuit
P0115/0103-Engine coolant temp sensor circuit
P0120/0403-Throttle position sensor circuit
P0125/0908-Engine coolant temp sensor
P0130/0307-Closed loop control-right/front ho2s
P0135/0901-right/front ho2s-heater fault
P0136/0707-closed loop control-right/rear ho2s
P0141/0902-right/rear ho2s-heater fault
P0150/0308-closed loop control-left/front ho2s
P0150/0303-closed loop control-left/front ho2s
P0155/1001-left/front ho2s-heater fault
P0156/0708-closed loop control-left/rear ho2s
P0161/1002-left/rear ho2s-heater fault
P0170/0706-fuel injection system-control fault
P0170/0115-fuel system lean-right bank on v6
P0172/0114-fuel system rich-right bank on v6
P0174/0210-fuel system lean- left bank
P0175/0209-fuel system rich- left bank
P0180/0402-fuel temperature sensor circuit
P0300/0701-multiple cylinder misfire
P0301/0608-no. 1 cyl. misfire
P0302/0607-no. 2 cyl. misfire
P0303/0606-no. 3 cyl. misfire
P0304/0605-no. 4 cyl. misfire
P0305/0604-no. 1 cyl. misfire
P0306/0603-no. 2 cyl. misfire
P0325/0304- knock sensor circuit :x
P0340/0101-camshaft position sensor
P0400/0302-EGR system function
P0420 :wink: /0702-catalyst function-right bank on v6
P0430/0703-catalyst fucntion-left bank
P0440/0705-EVAP emission system-small leak
P0443/0807-pruge control solenoid & valve
P0446/0903-vent control valve
P0500/0104-vehicle speed sensor
P0505/0205-idle air & auxilary air control valve
P0510/0203-closed throttle position switch
P0600/ N/A-auto trans communication line
P0605/0301-engine control module (..feel sorry for you! :taunt: )
P0705/1003-(1) park/neutral position switch
P0710/1208-(1) transmission fluid temp sensor
P0720/1102-(1) vehicle speed sensor
P0725/1207-(1) engine speed sensor
P0731/1103-(1) auto trans 1st gear signal
P0732/1104-(1) auto trans 2nd gear signal
P0733/1105-(1) auto trans 3rd gear signal
P0734/1106-(1) TCC & 4th gear signal
P0740/1204-(1) TCC solenoid vavle
P0745/1205-(1) line pressure solenoid
P0750/1108-(1) shift solenoid valve "a"
P0755/1201-(1) shift solenoid valve "b"
P1105/1302-MAP/barometric switch solenoid
P1150/1306-wastegate control solenoid-right
P1155/1307-wastegate control solenoid-left
P1160/0206-turbocharger boost sensor
P1220/1305-fuel pump control module
P1320/0201-primary ignition signal
P1336/0905-crankshaft position sensor
P1400/1005-EGR control solenoid valve
P1401/0305-EGR teperature sesor
P1441/0801-vacuum control/bypass valve
P1443/0113-canister vacuum check switch
P1445/1008-EVAP purge volume control valve
P1447/0111-EVAP purge control monitor
P1605/0804-auto trans communication line
P1705/1206-(1) throttle position sensor a/t
P1760/1203-(1) overunning clutch solenoid valve
P1900/1308-cooling fan/overheat

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 12:15 PM

They would apply to any 95.5+ 240sx, and most likely any obd2nissan for that matter. codes dont get read out even w/ the scan tool on OBDI ecus...

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 12:56 PM

so these are error codes that the ecu reports correct? does the ecu display these code in ASCII charaters or is it just a series of flashing/blinking LED light? if blinking lights, aren't the code suppose to be different like usually one or two digit numbers?


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Posted 30 April 2003 - 01:04 PM

so these are error codes that the ecu reports correct?  does the ecu display these code in ASCII charaters or is it just a series of flashing/blinking LED light?  if blinking lights, aren't the code suppose to be different like usually one or two digit numbers?


yes, these are error codes. the first code is the OBD display code and the second (MIL) is a flash code. EX 0102= 1 slow flash and 2 quick flashes. Or EX2. 1203= 12 slow flashes and 3 quick flashes. what flashes is the engine check light. Not all 240's even have a OBD plugin so the MIL is the only way to pull the code.


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Posted 30 April 2003 - 02:14 PM

and for the record and can get this kind of stuff on just about anything. I'll be posting more tech in the future. Yeah, some of you can get this stuff..... and some of you cant.....that's what forums are for. Keep an I out and enjoy. Oh, and your welcome. :twisted:

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import silvia

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 02:39 PM

Those are the OBD-II codes. They are not specific to any car. You can also take your car to autozone and ask them to scan it for you. They do it for free. This OBD-II is just a computer that monitors your car's various systems and lets you know if there is a problem.


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Posted 04 May 2003 - 11:58 PM

actually the ones with a second character of a "1" are car specific.

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Posted 05 May 2003 - 12:38 AM

And actually, OBDII isn't a computer that keeps track of things. OBDII is a government mandated set of "rules" if you will, that all car companies must comply by to be able to sell cars in America. It just stands for On Board Diagnostics 2nd Gen. there really was no official first generation, they just call it OBDII cause technically there were already on board diagnostics.

A few of the rules include:

*All vehicles must have a standardized Data Link Conector (DLC) located a certain distance from the steering wheel on the dash
*The car's computer must be compatible with generic scan tools(at least for non-car specific codes)
*All emissions related codes must be non-car specific

There's more but they're long, borring, and a bunch of stupid hippy rules about emissions.

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