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  2. I'd be glad to help out in any way that I can as well 👍
  3. Still down? Shit.... lmk if you need anything.
  4. Sorry to see it went down. love checking for random updates and banter
  5. JasonP

    Temporary home

    No worried dude.
  6. Admin

    Temporary home

    im gonna do my best. it's super low priority for me so it might be a while.
  7. Thanks for keeping this place alive Joe!
  8. JasonP

    Temporary home

    😮 Love the banner Where's the wiener wave?!?! How's the coupe coming along?
  9. hey folks, while I'm in the process of restoring the database we can use this as a temporary home. you will need to make a new temporary account. sorry. -Joe
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